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Carers to be screened for Depression – what about Anger and Frustration!

May 11, 2013

I realised today that it had been a year since I last blogged, not because things had not bothered, angered, alarmed or upset me, or because nothing good had happened, I just haven’t really got into the habit of writing a few words now and again. However today I did read something which made me wish to do so.
I saw on the BBC Website ‘Call to screen carers for depression’ . Now I think this is a good idea and a positive thing to do for  carer’s health. I know of at least one parent who committed suicide because they could not cope with caring for their child who has a learning disability. Any positive help that can be given to carers is a real plus.

But, as a parent and carer who knows others in s a similar position, what they have not mentioned is the anger and frustration we feel (a lot of the time) because everything is so hard.  From phone calls to form filling, emails and meetings or just getting up in the morning to face a day on the back of a night with broken sleep or no sleep and in my own case that includes menopause!!!

Now I realise that this is not news to anyone really, but my urge to thump someone over the head with a frying pan is never far from the surface. Should I be concerned that I want to grow old and be either Diana Trent (Waiting for God) or Victor Meldrew (One Foot in the Grave). I like to think I am still at heart a happy go luck girl, who likes a good laugh, loves her family and friends and wants a simple life. It’s still there, but you have to address your life with the cards you are dealt and try and cope as a family as best you can. Hopefully we can muddle through in the end.

I feel the revolution may involve a load of very cross middle aged old farts like me running up the high street, frying pan in hand looking for a jobsworth on whom to vent our displeasure – and the worry is its only Saturday and nothing has made me mad today! Que Sera


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