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A sad month for Ann and the family

May 16, 2012

Not a long blog this but just on a month ago my dear old mum passed away. though she had been on dialysis for some time, she knew that her blood pressure was failing her and she may not have much time left, but even so she went suddenly and that left us rather shocked.

I have not had the heart to write much but with the funeral in 10 hours time, feel I would like to say a few words – not the eulogy, but just a few simple words about my heroine. My mother.

Those of you who have become my pals on twitter, will be aware of some things I have shared and will know what a hole will be left in our lives. Having said that, I know the first person who would say come on Ann, keep going you can do it, would have been my mum.

She taught us that we should love each other, be kind, look after each other and be honest and decent. We should stand up and fight for what’s right and love and cherish our children, who are the most precious things.

I have always believed there is something out there after you go. I don’t know if it’s god, the force, mother nature or James T Kirk, but I know she will always love us and we will always love her. One to beam up, energise……………  xxx


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