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Buying a bed for an adult with challenging behaviour – time to get out the tool box

April 2, 2012

Well this is my first blog and rather than something deep and serious, I thought I would write a few words about buying a new bed for C.

We recently had to buy a new mattress because after just about 2 years C had totally knackered the springs to the point where they had collapsed. Off we trotted to the bed shop, and after lying/gently bouncing on a couple found one, like Goldilocks, which was not too soft or too hard, not too thin, not too solid but had a bit of spring so C wouldn’t feel like she was lying in a rice pudding. We paid the nice man and the delivery, (bit pricey but the last time we transported a mattress to the dump the car looked like the flying nun) so we thought it would be better if we got the new one there in one piece.

Then last Monday one of C’s lovely support workers says ‘C’s beds broken and she is lying in a dip!). Oh poo. We could have brought a set. Armed with trusty sheet of wood, we made a temporary repair. That lasted about 5 minutes as C jumped into bed and board broke in half and she is rather surprised to be lying in a dip again, laughter all round. So we have packed up under the divan and sorted it out for the moment but decided today we should go bed shopping!

The first galling thing is that they have an offer ‘Mattress free with beds bought this week’. Now we don’t need the mattress just the bed. So we trot up the stairs to the bed shop and find a nice man who we explain our problem too and who assists us in selecting a bed. I don’t believe for one minute his ‘curved beech slats’ with a the addition of a ‘cut to size’ peg board from Homebase will sort out our problem as he has no idea what we are dealing with and to be honest why should he, most people my daughters age would have a decent tale to tell about breaking a bed, bouncing it to death isn’t that interesting.

What I do like about the bed we have gone with is that it’s a decent timber frame and we can strengthen it with battens and a board before we let C anywhere near it, in the hope we may just get a more that a couple of years out of it before it gives up the ghost. So when it arrives (May at the moment) we will break out the tool box and saw and hopefully put our best carpentry skills to the fore.

Anyway, this is my first go, there will be more. Some may be a bit deeper and grown up than this, but I do like to see the funny side of life and perhaps may share the odd amusing moment as they come along.


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