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Sponsored Walk for Andover & District Mencap

Sponsored Walk for Andover & District Mencap.


Sponsored Walk for Andover & District Mencap

Please find below a message from Colin who is walking for Andover and District Mencap to help raise funds for our Children’s Clubs, who have not received as much funding as in previous years, but do a splendid job of providing fun and activities during both the term and school holidays. The age range is 2-25 and the clubs are an important part of what we provide as a charity for our younger members and their families and carers.

If you are unable to sponsor us, could you please retweet, which will give us a chance to get to a larger number of people.

I thank you in advance for your friendship and support.

Kind Regards

Oldtrekkie – Ann Woods 


Dear Friends 

On 6th October I am aiming to complete 25k of the Test Way Walk alongside the River Test for charity together with my son Philip. I am walking for Andover & District Mencap where I have been involved as a volunteer over the last year and the monies will go towards the running of the clubs they provide for children & young adults with learning disabilities.

The grant funding for these clubs has been significantly reduced over the last few years and they are struggling to survive without additional support. There are a considerable number of children and young adults who attend and benefit from the work of the clubs. 

If you would like to sponsor me to support this work please go to the link below.        

The walk is organised by the Romsey Rotary Club who pass on the monies raised to the chosen charities apart a small percentage for organising the event.

If you are able to provide an address then we will be able to reclaim further monies through Gift Aid.

Many thanks in anticipation of your support.


Colin Woods

Carers to be screened for Depression – what about Anger and Frustration!

I realised today that it had been a year since I last blogged, not because things had not bothered, angered, alarmed or upset me, or because nothing good had happened, I just haven’t really got into the habit of writing a few words now and again. However today I did read something which made me wish to do so.
I saw on the BBC Website ‘Call to screen carers for depression’ . Now I think this is a good idea and a positive thing to do for  carer’s health. I know of at least one parent who committed suicide because they could not cope with caring for their child who has a learning disability. Any positive help that can be given to carers is a real plus.

But, as a parent and carer who knows others in s a similar position, what they have not mentioned is the anger and frustration we feel (a lot of the time) because everything is so hard.  From phone calls to form filling, emails and meetings or just getting up in the morning to face a day on the back of a night with broken sleep or no sleep and in my own case that includes menopause!!!

Now I realise that this is not news to anyone really, but my urge to thump someone over the head with a frying pan is never far from the surface. Should I be concerned that I want to grow old and be either Diana Trent (Waiting for God) or Victor Meldrew (One Foot in the Grave). I like to think I am still at heart a happy go luck girl, who likes a good laugh, loves her family and friends and wants a simple life. It’s still there, but you have to address your life with the cards you are dealt and try and cope as a family as best you can. Hopefully we can muddle through in the end.

I feel the revolution may involve a load of very cross middle aged old farts like me running up the high street, frying pan in hand looking for a jobsworth on whom to vent our displeasure – and the worry is its only Saturday and nothing has made me mad today! Que Sera


Worse month of my life, perhaps, but the legacy is priceless

As some of you know, it has been a difficult time for us following my mum’s death last month. My emotions have been in a swirl, but I have to say despite all the sadness, there has been lots of laughing. That is a true legacy.

Talking to people over the last few weeks, I can honestly say I have not learned anything new about my mum that I did not know before. What has made me feel good is that other people saw her in exactly the same way I did and she was loved and she was funny! So when we are sorting through her clothes and I suddenly find myself saying ‘she wouldn’t be seen dead in that’ what can you do but laugh and laugh out loud. I can have complete confidence in the fact my mum would have laughed at that too!

Then you find the letter you wrote when you were 5 and 3/4 when she was in hospital having my baby brother. A tear comes to your eye, but then you smile, because it was such a good memory. Then you find a note from your baby brother who was an ‘oribble 10 year old that he sent to her when she was in hospital, moaning about the standard of my cooking and desperately asking her to get well and come home before I burned the house down! he he – he never starved during the month she was in hospital, though I think he went off shepherd’s pie – my speciality.

I have also found myself whilst in the midst of a sea of paper dating back to before I was born talking out loud, not only to my mum but to my dad who has been gone 13 years. I know they are up there together, giggling at my antics and my grumbling because I have found another handbag full of paper, birthday cards and precious photos. My dad left us hundreds of Golden Virginia tins full of every kind of conceivable nut, bolt, screw, washer etc, and stuff for which I have not a clue what it its purpose was! and I never want to see anther Walls Ice Cream tub, full of stuff!!!!!

I think we may have a few car boot sales we could open a bric-a-brac shop. I don’t know how they managed to pack so much into a relatively small 3 bed masionette, but they did. We found a charity shop that took 2,500 Mills and Boons! they will never know how happy that makes me and my brother. I know there are a few happy romantics out there who will have a couple of new books to curl up with and a nice cuppa or a glass of wine.

Our houses have become storage warehouses whilst we sort and sift through 80 odd years of collection and love. You can’s say anything better than that.

We give the place back to the Council on Monday. Really time to say goodbye…..  Now if I can just get my dad’s ashes released from storage…. but that’s a story for another day…

A sad month for Ann and the family

Not a long blog this but just on a month ago my dear old mum passed away. though she had been on dialysis for some time, she knew that her blood pressure was failing her and she may not have much time left, but even so she went suddenly and that left us rather shocked.

I have not had the heart to write much but with the funeral in 10 hours time, feel I would like to say a few words – not the eulogy, but just a few simple words about my heroine. My mother.

Those of you who have become my pals on twitter, will be aware of some things I have shared and will know what a hole will be left in our lives. Having said that, I know the first person who would say come on Ann, keep going you can do it, would have been my mum.

She taught us that we should love each other, be kind, look after each other and be honest and decent. We should stand up and fight for what’s right and love and cherish our children, who are the most precious things.

I have always believed there is something out there after you go. I don’t know if it’s god, the force, mother nature or James T Kirk, but I know she will always love us and we will always love her. One to beam up, energise……………  xxx

Buying a bed for an adult with challenging behaviour – time to get out the tool box

Well this is my first blog and rather than something deep and serious, I thought I would write a few words about buying a new bed for C.

We recently had to buy a new mattress because after just about 2 years C had totally knackered the springs to the point where they had collapsed. Off we trotted to the bed shop, and after lying/gently bouncing on a couple found one, like Goldilocks, which was not too soft or too hard, not too thin, not too solid but had a bit of spring so C wouldn’t feel like she was lying in a rice pudding. We paid the nice man and the delivery, (bit pricey but the last time we transported a mattress to the dump the car looked like the flying nun) so we thought it would be better if we got the new one there in one piece.

Then last Monday one of C’s lovely support workers says ‘C’s beds broken and she is lying in a dip!). Oh poo. We could have brought a set. Armed with trusty sheet of wood, we made a temporary repair. That lasted about 5 minutes as C jumped into bed and board broke in half and she is rather surprised to be lying in a dip again, laughter all round. So we have packed up under the divan and sorted it out for the moment but decided today we should go bed shopping!

The first galling thing is that they have an offer ‘Mattress free with beds bought this week’. Now we don’t need the mattress just the bed. So we trot up the stairs to the bed shop and find a nice man who we explain our problem too and who assists us in selecting a bed. I don’t believe for one minute his ‘curved beech slats’ with a the addition of a ‘cut to size’ peg board from Homebase will sort out our problem as he has no idea what we are dealing with and to be honest why should he, most people my daughters age would have a decent tale to tell about breaking a bed, bouncing it to death isn’t that interesting.

What I do like about the bed we have gone with is that it’s a decent timber frame and we can strengthen it with battens and a board before we let C anywhere near it, in the hope we may just get a more that a couple of years out of it before it gives up the ghost. So when it arrives (May at the moment) we will break out the tool box and saw and hopefully put our best carpentry skills to the fore.

Anyway, this is my first go, there will be more. Some may be a bit deeper and grown up than this, but I do like to see the funny side of life and perhaps may share the odd amusing moment as they come along.


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